Back in the Star Again: True Stories from the East End


Back in the Star Again: True Stories from the East End

from 19.95

by Hy Abady

Hardcover with dust jacket
Dimensions: 5" w x 7.5" h
144 text pages

First Edition, 2010

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Excerpt from the story If You Want to Feel 100:

If you want to feel 100 years old, go to the Surf Lodge in Montauk. Montauk has not seen the likes of this happening hipness since the Rolling Stones checked into the Memory Motel. Or since Andy Warhol was in residence. Love it or hate it (and many love to hate it), it is what it is. Motel. Outdoor bar overlooking the gleaming, tranquil Fort Pond. Restaurant so bathed in turquoise blue it could be underwater. But what it mostly is is IT. I understand vans come in from Southhampton, peopled with young women in Pucci sundresses and Havaianas flip-flops, 20-somethings paying something like $200 for the trip to hip. In search of what? In search of NOW.

Hy Abady has been an advertising writer/creative director for over 40 years. His other writing career involves some fiction, but mostly, non-fiction pieces that have appeared over the years in the East Hampton Star. And the pieces that have appeared in the Star have been compiled in this new collection, and then some: Back In The Star Again: True Stories from the East End. He lives with his partner of 28 years in Manhattan.


ISBN: 978-0-615-38002-5